The Beverage

Know thy Coffee

It’s alright, you didn’t know any better.

The days of cheap and tasteless dregs of insta-coffee are over. Let us introduce you a world of real, honest-to-goodness, mmm-i’m-loving-it COFFEE.


This is not for the faint of heart. The drink for the Rorschach’s of this world; the pure, unadulterated clean shot of fine coffee is all you need to go on with your day like an energiser bunny.

Do it Italian style – add a dollop of brown sugar and drink it quick – all the better to scald the tongue with.

Our sources tell us an Espresso goes best with cheese and butter: cheesecakes and croissants anyone?


What do you get when you add equal parts milk and foam to an espresso shot? A legendary milk moustache.

The embarrassment is well worth it when you consider the deliciously velvety texture of a well made Cappuccino.

Drink this one hot, before the milk and coffee separates; you don’t want to be politely downing a cold and diluted coffee.


Holy Cow! You could say this drink comes straight from the teat; an espresso shot and milk right to the brim, with just a tablespoon of foam to top it off.

This milky delight retains its flavor long enough for you to sit and discuss politics, read some early Voltaire, or sketch the beautiful stranger across from you.

For the full flavor, ask for a full-cream milk version, for a full-bodied experience.


The French don’t seem to like this one. The Yanks, they say, have a habit of drinking coffee and water, hence the somewhat sarcastic label – Americano.

There’s little to sneer at. This brew sits well in between the strength of a brewed coffee and an espresso, plus it’s ideal for those who don’t like milk in their cuppa.

So bid adieu to your snobbish view of this respectable brew, and drink up.


The dentist warned you about this one. The Mocha takes itself very, very seriously: two ounces of dark chocolate swimming in a hot latte.

Treat a Mocha like you would a dessert, best consumed after food for a chocolate-coffee high.

But heed your dentist’s advice – this drink is sweet enough so hands off the sugar bowl.