About Us

The Broers Cafe

The Broers Café is a labour of love between two incurable coffee aficionados who relish every opportunity to share their mad obsession with those psychedelic nuts to the rest of the world.

Brought together by a lofty aspiration, café founders Kiat and Han hope to bowl coffee drinkers and neutrals over with their heartfelt concoctions.

First up, What’s with the name “Broers”?

Kiat: It’s actually Dutch for “brothers” and it represents our hope for the café to be a bonding place where strangers come in and leave as friends.

Han: It’s a good choice because we feel that coffee it is a drink that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, anywhere. In this same spirit, coffee provides a common platform where everyone can share on equal grounds.

What gave you the inspiration to start the Broers Café?

Kiat: Coffee occupies a special place in my heart. It’s almost magical how a seemingly simple bean could offer such complex and rich flavor.

I think my obsession began with the incessant consumption of coffee during my student days. Initially it was just a beverage to tide me over those arduous mugging periods. As time goes by, there is something surreal about sipping a steaming cuppa at 3am in the morning. I felt touched by something ethereal and readily basked in the contentment the drink offers. Of course, others often call it a sign of caffeine addiction. Jealous critters.

Han: Before I ventured into the F&B industry, I was completely ignorant about coffee. But once the learning journey began, I was hooked. It made me realised how coffee and passion can bring people together. The chemistry was electrifying, and the effects contagious. Did I mention how impressed the girls were when I told them I can do a Brazilian with my eyes closed? Oooh yeeaah…

What is the Broers experience you hope to impart to your clients?

Kiat: We want customers to feel at home whenever they step into the Broers Café. A cup of great coffee seldom relies on the beans and technique alone. The ambience is equally important and should not distract people from enjoying the handcrafted drink they desire. Rather, it should serve to enhance their enjoyment. So the next time you visit, put on your best pajamas. You know you want to.

Han: Ultimately, we want to create a haven where people can relax and interact without any reservations or biases. It is also a place where you can make new friends or get re-acquainted with old ones through great coffee, great conversations and great company. The best part? You can drink yourself silly and still drive. Remember to flash your Cheshire grin when you pass those irritating road blocks.

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