Welcome to The Broers Cafe

What defines coffee? Is it a habitual cuppa to get your morning grooves, or a cup of sunshine on a cold, rainy day? At Broers, coffee is an ever changing experience depending on what you drink, how you drink it, and when you drink it.

But coffee is only one aspect when you step into the Broers Cafe. Amazing things happen here on a daily basis because we work magic with our brew. There are no rocket sciences involved. Simply start with a great cup of coffee, continue with a conversation and suddenly, you are connected by a common experience. Don’t be too surprised when you find yourself sharing this one-of-a-kind intimacy with someone else across the room. At the Broers Café, our brew is 10% caffeine and 90% soul. This explains the warm fuzziness you feel spreading in your belly and the inexorable Cheshire grin that follows afterwards.

Come down to the Broers Café today and discover more about what goes into our cup of brown nirvana. Leave your inhabitations at the door, order your java, kick back in your seat and prepare to embark on an epicurean adventure!

Broers. We make great coffee and even better company.


What is brewing...